Our Chair

The Global eHealth Foundation was founded, and is chaired by, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  As a renowned world statesman he plays a major role in reconciliation, and as a leading moral voice.

He has become an icon of hope far beyond the Church and Southern Africa. Throughout his life, he has been known pre-eminently as a spiritual leader caring deeply about the needs of people around the world, teaching love and compassion to all.


To accomplish our vision, the Global eHealth Foundation is steered by influential and experienced Ambassadors who are leading lights in the field of eHealth.

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Executive Team

Our Executive Team manages our projects and identifies opportunities to progress the role of eHealth worldwide.

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The Global eHealth Foundation is governed by a team of experienced Trustees who are responsible for the legal and administrative aspects of the Foundations work.

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US Board

In addition to holding charitable status in the United Kingdom, the Global eHealth Foundation also benefits from its status as a tax exempt (501c3) foundation in the United States. This US entity is run by a broad, talented and committed Board of Directors and Advisors with a wide range of backgrounds and skills.

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