To achieve our goals we focus on a set of priorities which will lead to sustainable solutions in the field of eHealth.  These priorities are:

Reaching the last mile

The last mile refers to rural, or isolated communities, with reduced or no access to basic services including healthcare, education and water.

These communities often have little or no connectivity and yet would benefit substantially from eHealth solutions.


Legislation and policies advance eHealth activities by providing opportunities and setting boundaries including data sharing, financing, workforce roles and technology infrastructure.



The rapid pace of change in mobile and other technologies requires quick decisions about eHealth initiatives, often without the support of strong evidence.  The Global eHealth Foundation works with local and national governments to advocate- policies and legislation that advance eHealth technology and programs.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to connect people to information and processes through devices such as wearables, enabling remote and real-time monitoring and medical consultations. IoT and other next-generation technologies are poised to provide imminent developments for the eHealth sector.