We bring together stakeholders, united by common interests in eHealth and access to care in developing countries, to create comprehensive solutions.

We address health needs for remote communities by championing the use of eHealth solutions and drawing on our experience in mobilising eHealth technologies.

To achieve our goals and implement our approach we play the role of convener, catalyst and collaborator.

We are working to achieve the following goals:

Save lives through comprehensive eHealth solutions by increasing the availability of healthcare and health information.

Enable the development and implementation of eHealth programmes - in local communities through partnerships and mentoring.

Advance policies with international and local government organizations that support the adoption of eHealth solutions.


To identify effective eHealth approaches and solutions we bring together partners and stakeholders to create dialogue and share knowledge.


We act as a catalyst to transform the use of technology in healthcare.  We work with governments, partners and local communities to identify needs and enable our stakeholders to find effective solutions.


We bring together learning on eHealth approaches to promote replication of successful approaches.  We encourage open discussion on what is working and what isn’t working to improve eHealth solutions.